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Tips on How to Motivate Internal Customers to Care for External Customers

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One of the key elements that could spell all the difference between the company’s success and failure is the level of customer service they provide to their external customers – that is, those individuals and organizations that directly or indirectly avail of the products and services of the company.  In order to maintain a satisfactory level of external customer service, it is imperative that your employees, who are your internal customers, continue to be motivated to provide this level of service. 

Here are just some tips that would help you motivate your internal customers to care for your external customers to ensure that they receive excellent customer service.

Equal Treatment

One thing to help you motivate internal customers to continuously care for external customers is by treating them in the same manner as you would want them to treat your external customers.  Just like external customers, your employees also have their own set of needs that they expect to be met in return for the services that they provide with your company.  Make sure that you take some time to listen to them and their needs so that they would feel that they are being taken cared of by your company.  Employees who feel that the company they are working for cares for them as well would not be difficult being motivated to continuously provide excellent customer service to your external customers.

Evaluate Company Culture

Another thing to help you motivate your company’s internal customers to care continuously for external customers is to take some time to evaluate the culture that is present in your company.  Many times, the culture observed in your company can eventually lead to employees belonging to one department to foster stressful relationships with those belonging to a different environment which could result in situations where they would eventually pass blame from one department to another and to lose interest working alongside with them despite the fact that they would need to work together to provide a high level of customer service to your external customers.  Addressing this within your company is important to make sure that your external customers would not feel frustrated and disappointed from being given the runaround as a result of such internal conflict within the company.

Provide Feedback

Maintaining open communication between you and your employees is essential in keeping them motivated to provide the superior quality of customer service you are expecting from them.  By providing them positive feedback when the situation calls for it, you are showing your employees that you appreciate and recognize the services that they are providing to your company.  On the other hand, providing negative feedback with the opportunity for your employees to speak out will allow you to reach a middle point that would help them become more motivated in their work while ensuring that their concerns and needs are also heard and recognized.

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