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Tips To Get The Most From Your Li-Ion Batteries

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If you want to get the most out of your Li-Ion batteries of your phone, notebook or tablet, you can use the following 6 tips. The tips can help you since some devices don’t come with a replaceable battery. Read on to know more.

The “Recharge Cycle”

The battery cycle or recharge cycle of a Li-Ion battery is finite. In other words, once the battery has endured its maximum number of cycles, it will be useless and won’t power your device anymore. For instance, Apple iPhone battery loses 20% of its power once it has crossed 500 cycles.

So, what can you do to maximize the life of your battery? Well, all you have to do is avoid putting your battery through charge and discharge cycles unnecessarily. As a matter of fact, your battery should do “workouts” on a regular basis to maintain its lifespan.

Partial Discharge VS Full Discharge

According to some people, the Li-Ion batteries shouldn’t be allowed to get completely exhausted before a recharge. To other people, it doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is that Li-Ion batteries have a discharge system that is regulated by the powerful on-board circuits.

Use The Right Charger

It may be tempting for you to use one charger to recharge all of your devices, but it is not recommended. For long-term use, we suggest that you use the right charger. Actually, the right charger is the one that comes with the device you purchased. It delivers the right amount of power to the device. The life of the battery will get effected if you recharge it using a third-party charger.

If you really want to use a third-party charger, make sure you buy one from a reputable seller. It’s a great idea to use the original charger at all times. Original chargers extend the life of your device.

The Ideal Temperature

The ideal room temperature to recharge you Li-Ion batteries is around 20 Celsius. Since we don’t live in climate-controlled environment, you can extend the upper limit to 45 Celsius. If you cross this limit, the life of your battery can get reduced significantly. In the same way, the temperature below 5 centigrade is not good for your batteries.

Physical Stress

Frequent drops and falls are bad for your battery because it can trigger the leakage of the corrosive chemicals.

Long-term Storage

If you want to store your device for several months, you should recharge your device around 50% and then put it in the safe. If you store it without charging, your battery may not get a charge at all.

So, if you have been looking for some good ways to extend the life of your phone battery, we suggest that you try out these tips. Actually, what you need to do is use your battery sparingly. In other words, you should avoid using your phone unnecessarily and use it only when you need to. Installing unnecessary apps may put more stress on your phone battery. As a result, its life will get short. Hope this helps.

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