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Tips to Survive and Mend a Relationship

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Relationships were never as fragile as they are in today’s modern times. It is not so that we do not value relationships any more or we do not discern the hazards of troubled relationships but perhaps, gradually, we have forgotten that like anything else relationships too can have dents or suffer on account of countless unavoidable, unpleasant circumstances and factors. Our lack of knowledge also contributes to a deteriorating relationships and if a relationship is to survive, we must cotton on to the fact that like anything else in the world a relationship too needs time to time fine-tuning. Here are some tips which might help better a relationship with your parents, colleagues, spouse or friends.

Relinquish fault-finding attitude

Getting someone attuned to his/her areas of improvement is another thing and but always finding fault with others will certainly take you towards a bitter fight or bitter arguments. It’s childish to wrestle with a superiority complex in a good relationship. The right attitude is to help your loved ones get the better of their weakness and lay the stepping stone for their success, without making them feel bad.

Help them before they actually need it

There is no denying to the fact that always poking noses in other tasks and saddling them with your own opinions irk them and sour a good relationship. But lending a helping hand much before the actual problem comes might save your loved ones from landing in a hapless condition and he would be thankful to you for that ever.

Spend time together

Needless to say, giving time to a relationship is utmost important and thereby you know each other in a better way, and then nothing appears to you as shock as you know your partner very well. This is how; you will also stave off doing things which might displease your partner.

Never throw attitude to your partner

Temper tantrums ruin a good relationship in no time. We tend to forget the eternal law that all are equals in a relationship and have to perform their own roles to help relationship grow in leaps and bounds, consequently try to let our partners down which is in fact a first step to fail a relationship.

Being apologetic is not a sign of weakness

“To err is human”, so never hesitate to say sorry when you are wrong. There is no better way to put disputes to rest than to ask for forgiveness when your partner is hurt by your words or actions. This is how you not only gain respect of your partner but also prove that you are endowed with the most important virtue “Humbleness”.

Source by Ravi Sharma

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