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Top Ten Tips to Remember While Keeping Platy Fish

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Platy fish is always considered as the great fish for beginners to keep. The species originates from Central America and it is known for its beautiful bright colors. Here are some important tips if you want to keep platy fish –

1. There are numerous varieties of platy fish and their names are associated with their colors. So there are golden platies, salt and pepper platies, black platies, blue platies and calico platies. There is a wide choice available in the market and you should carefully select them to achieve a perfectly matching combination.

2. Most of the varieties of platy fish bear a big dark spot on their tail. For this reason, they are also called Moonfish. Some people call them Mickey Mouse platy! Look out carefully for this spot while buying them. If the spot is fade or not seen, do not buy them.

3. They have a lifespan of about three years. They can tolerate different levels of hardness of water and a variety of temperatures of water. However if you keep the temperature of the water a bit cooler, in the range of 60-75° F, they will be very active and their colors will brighten up.

4. Their food habits are absolutely normal. You can feed them with life food, flaked food, frozen food or even with algae from the aquarium! However it is advisable to feed them with a variety of things so that they get proper nutrition.

5. The females are larger than the males. The females can grow up to 3 inches but the males can grow only up to 2 inches. The males can be identified on the basis of their color as well as their size. They have a modified anal fin.

6. They are peaceful in nature and they can get along with any other species of fish in the same aquarium. However you should not keep many males in the same aquarium because they will start fighting with each other. One more important thing about keeping the other species is the size. If you keep species which are large in size, platy fish may not be comfortable with them.

7. Although they are peaceful, at the time of breeding they will become aggressive. The males will become relentless and they will attack the females. At times they will hurt the females so badly that the females may die! To avoid this, you should keep a few females (at least three or four of them) for every male. This will distribute the risk!

8. They are very fast breeders and their population will multiply within no time. So whenever you introduce them in your aquarium, you should think of enough room for the future. They will require a lot of space to swim around and if they are kept in a jam packed aquarium, they will develop stress and they may not live longer.

9. If you cannot accommodate a large aquarium in your home, you can think of a pond outside in the garden for keeping them.

10. They do not require a heater in the aquarium. In fact if you keep them in cold water, they will be healthy and live longer. However, you should provide enough lighting in the aquarium so that their lights will glow and your family and your friends will enjoy watching them.

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