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Turning the Tables – Playing Hard to Get and Making Her Think She May Lose You

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Playing hard to get, it is typically a thing that girls do. Making you think that you are not good enough for her, and that she is interested in so much more than you. She plays it cool while you are sweating bullets. A good tactic is to reverse this on her. You have to be cool and confident to pull it off and willing let her go if things do not work out properly. But if you do it right, she will never see it coming, women do not expect a guy to play hard to get with them. We have actually built up somewhat of immunity, they are defenseless.

The first step is to make her want you- Project high status

This should be obvious, if you cannot get her to desire you to some degree then none of these tactics will work and you will have go back and work on rules of attraction to get her to desire you. Once you have her desiring you, you need to ignore her some. Do not completely abandon her, but also flirt with other girls, perhaps even seem like you like some of them more. Try to keep up some physical contact with her to keep her heart racing, but if she initiates anything, pull back just a little bit.

As her interest keeps building you need to make her think that she may lose you

I like to think of this as a cat fight mode. This is where you get into dangerous territory and things can go pear shaped fast. You need to pick up the flirting with a second girl, hopefully getting her interest a little bit too. The important thing is that the first girl thinks the second is interested. This will make her spitting mad at the second girl, not you. (honestly, it should be at you… but rarely is) Once she is good and catty you have her where you want her, go back to normal seduction routines to calm her down and make her want you. If you have done all these steps successfully you will have a girl that will think she may lose you and this will make her want you even more. Girls (like guys) value things highly if they know they have to work to get them.

When using this “playing hard to get” method make sure you are good at flirting and attraction techniques.

Source by Chase Tylerson

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