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Type of MBA B-School Extempore Topics

You are given a topic to speak upon for 5 minutes

non stop

– You are evaluated by a panel of 3 or more selectors

– The panel will be evaluating your body

movements, composure, clarity of thoughts, and

most importantly fluency.

– The panel will also attempt to make you nervous

by playing psychological games with you. One of

them may keep a glaring look throughout the

extempore, or they will purposely look away from

you to make you feel you are not making an impact,

they may even yawn loudly and feign to be bored.

Your objective is to keep speaking fluently and

confidently, and not bow to the pressure tactics.

Laugh silently inside, for you know in advance that

they are only pretending to ignore you but are

actually closely scrutinising your behaviour.

Thus one’s preparation for the B-School extempore

topics involves:

– Increasing your knowledge base of the economy,

sports, politics, and general awareness of the latest

issues covering the headlines

– Practising individually in front of your parents or

elder siblings, and asking them to behave

disinterested throughout the preparation.

Generally the type of MBA B-school extempore

topics will be

– Abstract topics are the most favoured. They are

meant to disorient you and make you feel under

prepared. Get a list of Abstract topics that are asked

for the IIM GD process

– Economic topics are also asked, though not as

commonly as it is usually already part of the Group

Discussion process which happens first. Get a list of

Economic topics that are asked for the B – School


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