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What Men Like About Women – 3 Qualities That Stand Out

Do you ever wish that you knew what men like in women? If you knew what attracted men, would you be able to show your desirable qualities? What are men thinking when they meet girls they like? Here are three qualities that are what men like when they really like a woman.

Quality #1 – Men like women who show their quirks.

Men crave novelty and excitement. They also enjoy meeting someone who isn’t afraid to flash some personality. A woman who can let her unusual qualities out a little bit is usually attractive.

When a date shows that she trusts a guy enough to let him see her unique side, this also makes him feel great. A girl who can let go and be a little vulnerable will appear both spunky and sweet. Everyone likes surprises, so women who can be unexpected draw attention.

Quality #2 – Men like women who are uninhibited.

This is not to say that guys like women who are easy. At least, they don’t usually fall in love with overtly sexual women. What men like is lack of self-consciousness.

Attractive women are able to relax and enjoy themselves. This goes for every activity, not just sex. A woman who isn’t afraid to try new things, to make a little bit of a fool of herself, or who can be comfortable just hanging out is a major draw for the fellas.

Quality #3 – Men like confident women.

Confidence is, in fact, one of the sexiest things to see in either men or women. Often, the women who really attract men are simply those who project poise. This should not be confused with bragging or cockiness.

Confident people don’t have to brag about themselves. They simply know their worth, and this comes through in their speech and mannerisms. Shyness can be attractive too, but insecurities are not.

Many dates can seem like a repetition of the same old thing. Women who are unusual, adventurous, and confident really draw attention. What men like are ladies who can really show some personality.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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