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What to Do If Your Baby Has a Cold

Common colds are, well as the name implies, very common in babies. Although they aren’t usually serious, they still cause a lot of discomforts to babies. And since babies’ immune system isn’t fully developed yet, a common cold can develop complications like chest infection. Since you can’t do much about curing colds before your baby is 3 months old, you just feel helpless. Every first time mother will tell you how tense they feel every time they see their babies show any sign of sniffles.

The most common symptoms of colds are runny nose, raised temperature above 38 degree and cough. Your baby may also have a blocked nose and may dribble a lot, so make sure you have enough spare dribble bibs available. Common colds can also cause muscle pain and headache. Your baby is not able to tell you this, but he may be restless and irritable.

Common colds are caused by a virus, so it is self-limiting. Therefore it will get better without treatment. There are over 200 viruses that can cause a common cold, so it is possible for your baby to battle one cold after the other. Children tend to get colds up to eight times a year while adults get it less. As women are likely to have more contact with children, they also tend to get more colds than men.

As colds don’t have a cure, all you can do is treat the symptoms. If your baby is over two months old, you can give him paracetamol to reduce the fever. If he’s less than two months old, you can use cold wet flannels to reduce his temperature. There is no cure for runny nose, but you need to make sure that you wipe your baby’s nose more often. If you find yourself trying to look for something handy to wipe your baby’s nose, try putting dribble bibs on him. Terry cloth dribble bibs may be too harsh on your baby’s skin, especially if you’re using it often, so try using muslin cloth fashioned as bandana bibs. Alternatively, you can buy bandana bibs with cotton front and fleece backing. They’re softer for your baby’s skin and these funky bibs also look cute.

Your baby may have difficulty sleeping if he has blocked nose, try rubbing vapour rub on his chest or put a small drop of Olbas oil on a piece of tissue and put it somewhere safe inside the room. You can also wet a towel and put it on the radiator in the room to make it more humid. This can help ease your baby’s breathing.

If your baby’s high temperature doesn’t subside after five days or you feel he’s getting worse, call your GP.

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