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When He's Feeling Too Confident – How to Make Him Feel Insecure

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All relationships go through a give more, take more stage- where you’re more invested in it than he is. When you want to get his attention again, to return things back to your earlier romance, one of the best ways is to make him insecure. It sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But when a guy gets too comfortable, or is taking you for granted- desperate times call for desperate measures. Making him feel more insecure will help him appreciate you (and the relationship) more, and could prevent him from straying. Feeling insecure will make him want to chase you again, and keep you. It will also make you feel better- and more valued.


  • Silence is golden. Don’t wait by the phone for him, or send him a constant stream of texts. Take your space, and give him some. This is important when he doesn’t appreciate the time you’ve been spending together. It’s also good for you to become less dependent on him and on the relationship. Letting him chase you will make him feel insecure in your relationship, and he’ll want to work harder on it.
  • Make new friends. Get out of the house. Be busy. Spend more time with your friends, and start making new ones. He shouldn’t feel like you’re at his beck and call, or that you’re living and breathing for him. Meeting new people, especially other men, will help to make him feel more insecure in the relationship. It can also make you feel more attractive.


  • Focus on his faults. He’s not a perfect person, and instead of hoping he’ll change you should tell him how he could improve. If he’s feeling over-confident in the relationship, and treating you differently because of it, chances are his ego needs to be taken down a notch. Making him feel insecure with criticism will also make him reflect, and could lead to positive changes.
  • Make a list. Keeping track of your gripes as they come up will help you to communicate specifically to him of where there are problems. When he’s secure in the relationship, he probably doesn’t see what he’s doing in the relationship. Letting him know where he’s going wrong will make him feel insecure, which can be positive for you both- he can try harder in the relationship.


  • Beware of backfire. Making a man feel insecure in your relationship could backfire- you could push him away instead of bringing him closer. Choosing between trying to make him feel insecure, or being happy with the relationship as it is can be difficult. However, it could also make you happier if things change. If you’ll get the appreciation and respect you want.

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