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Will He Marry Me? 5 Signs That Tell If Your Guy Is Ready For A Long Term Relationship

Are you in a long term relationship? Have you been wondering when your boyfriend will marry you? Or is he even considering of marrying you? A lot of women who are in a long term relationship already ask themselves “will he marry me?” because that seems to be the next obvious step after several years of dating their men. Unfortunately, not all men see it the same way even after being with the woman they love for a couple of years. If your boyfriend hasn’t proposed to you yet and you are wondering whether he even intends to make a commitment with you in the future, there are a number of signs that will help you determine that. Your guy is ready to walk with you down the aisle if:

Will He Marry Me? Sign #1: He Talks About Having Kids Someday

Children are often synonymous with marriage and if your guy talks about kids and how many, this is a great sign that your guy is considering of marrying you and being a dad to your kids someday. When the subject about having your own children pops up, be honest about what you feel. Both of you should be clear about this very important matter.

Will He Marry Me? Sign 2: He Loves Your Family And Gets Along Well With Them

If your boyfriend doesn’t cringe with the idea of spending time with your family, that is a good sign. After several years of you and him being together, it is crucial that by this time, he already knows and is comfortable with most of your family members. Seeing him trying to get along well with everyone in your family means he is considering of blending in anytime soon. In the same way, if your guy also makes efforts to arrange opportunities for you and his family to hang out together, that is also a sign that he is ready to marry you.

Will He Marry Me? Sign #3: He Is Considering Of Taking A Major Financial Leap

If your guy is considering of making a great financial step such as purchasing a home and a car, this is a good sign that he is ready for a long term commitment with you. These assets are obviously expensive and guys won’t even bring up this matter to their girlfriends if they aren’t serious about them for a long term relationship.

Will He Marry Me? Sign #4: He Is Becoming More Responsible

When he treats you responsibly, when he considers your emotions when tackling difficult issues, when he takes the extra mile to show that he cares for you, this is a great sign that he is ready to marry you soon. You will also know that he is getting more responsible if he starts saving a portion of his salary for the future as well as if he chooses to spend time with you more than with his single friends on a drinking session.

Will He Marry Me? Sign #5: You And Your Guy Get Along Well

There are a number of couples who have a lot in common but still do not go well when it comes to other things. If you and your guy usually get along well with one another whether or not you have different takes over a particular issue, this is a good sign that both of you are ready for marriage. If he is unselfish and willing to compromise in some cases, then it is very possible that he will consider you as his life-long partner.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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