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Will My Ex Miss Me? How to Make Your Ex Obsessed With You Again!

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Whether or not you initiated the breakup, if you want your ex to miss you, you must consider what that really means and requires of you. This is not a time for negative emotions or for weakness, you have to be very strong and determined to get what you want and deserve from life.

As much as it hurts to feel discarded, as bad as it feels to be pushed to the side. Or, as much as you regret causing a breakup that never should have happened, now is the time to write down your emotions on paper, burn them so your ex never finds out, and become strong so you can do what’s necessary to make your ex miss you.

Try to keep yourself as busy as possible. It is better to have so much on your plate you wonder how you might accomplish it all than to feel useless and not needed. When you are busy and accomplish things you want to accomplish, you realize just how much you can do, and just how wonderful and important you are.

Don’t contact your ex unless it’s an emergency, or if you have kids and it concerns them. Be as unemotional and unfazed as possible; if it is hurting you to seem so cold and aloof, you’re doing it right and by appearing nonchalant about the breakup you will make your ex miss you immensely.

Also, to make your ex miss you and to stun them, pretend you are happy about the break up. Be more free and alive than you ever thought you could be, and it will drive your ex crazy. They will be saddened for assuming you would be distraught when you seem glad to be free of the relationship and they will go from missing you to doing whatever they can to have you back.

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