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Wishing Upon a Falling Star – My Childhood Fantasies and Beliefs

Dedicating a falling star…Remember when you were young, depending on your age, remember when you were younger?Do you remember being fascinated by the horizon: the stars: the moon: the galaxy, but most of all, by the falling stars in the sky?

I remember really well, and maybe you will too, whom you were with, the first time you became aware, or quick enough to catch a glimpse, either directly, or out of the corner of your eye, the thrilling sight of a falling star, unlike the Hollywood type?” It was with my immediate family, a hot, Texas summer in June, the year, I don’t quite recall, because I was too small to know the time, or the date. I only knew it was in the month of June, because it was shortly after I found a photo of a family celebration, thus I was able to remember the festive event and inspiring moments that occurred shortly thereafter. That photo memory spurred my recollection of seeing a falling star a few days after that particular photo had been taken…

I dedicated a falling star that night, to receive assistance with my childhood dream; to be in school. To be gifted with a chalk board, like the ones that I heard about, that were used in school, that teachers wrote on and that students were asked to read.

I was too young to begin my education, although I really liked story time; pretend writing; the look and feel of books with many words; and watching my mom weekday mornings pack school day lunches for my older brothers and sister…They all got to go to school before me, but I was more eager to read and to write than them;they considered it a chore. As for me, I just wanted to know how to do what they could do; putting pencil to paper and chalk with words written on a chalkboard…

I was one of the only kids that I knew that was eager to learn how to read, and write, and to go to school,while other kids were playing with barbies and bikes.

I dreamed of knowing how to read and write. Cursive writing seemed so fascinating and out-of-this world to me; I doodled and scribbled and pretended that my doodles were stories and fables, as I first invented stories and passages, in my head; then pretended that I was writing the words that everyone else could read; of course, they could not…

Not that I was a recluse, I just never got tired or hearing stories being read to me… When I learned how to spell my own name: You would have thought that I had just won the lottery!

I wished again upon a falling star believing this time for someone younger than me to be born, hopefully, a little sister…

Nope, it was a younger brother, I waited a long time for him; seven years to be exact…

I would read to him all the time, especially when he needed comforting, or to take a slumber, during the day. I would lull him to sleep by inventing sleepy-time stories, about his favorite make-believe friends, Rainbolt and Tussy…. He even named a school for where he would meet Rainbolt and Tussy; Market School is where he could hang-out with them and they could all play together..

I wished again upon a falling star again and again, and it took me a long time, this time, but I finally met my prince: he sits with me today, and has taken me on many journeys since the day we met…. His big, brown, almond eyes gaze lovingly at me everyday when I sleep; I know this because I catch him when I awake!!!

….Do you recall the first time that you wished upon a falling star? If not, the next time you look into the dark sky of the night, and see a falling star; it never hurts to make a silent wish..

You may be surprised one day to look and see your dreams manifesting before your eyes! I’m still humbled by the fact that I had a lot of great teachers during my life; teachers are the facilitators and leaders that encouraged me to seek an audience for my creative or informational writing’s.

I was inspired so much by the gift of teaching that when I briefly lived for three years overseas, I dedicated my career to teaching foreign students vocabulary and writing. They taught me so much in the process, I believe that as I teacher I learned a lot more about myself and my ability to enjoy the creativity and beauty in their artistic soul-emitting creations, painting’s, music, cartoons, short films and writing’s…

Much appreciation to all of the beautiful teachers in the U.S and everywhere; you are the FALLING STARS that were placed on earth to gift us with your knowledge and patience. My biggest wish upon a falling star is that teachers receive the PAY and APPRECIATION that they ALONE give our youth in the time that we loan our youth to them during the hours that they spend at school..

Thank you so very much MS. Quill, you were tough on me, and I appreciate the way that you displayed so much care; to look over the shoulders of each one of your students individually. Giving each of us the encouragement especially since you provided the foundation and educational tools for correct punctuation and writing to me and my peers!

Lorie Ann Jermoune

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

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